• Karen O: It's hard as shit to write lyrics.
  • Julian Casablancas: To write good lyrics.
  • O: Yeah, anyone who really gives it a shot...
  • Casablancas: It's hard to write good lyrics that are meaningful. It's hard to not write bad lyrics and fake it and have a meaningless thing that sounds cool. That move you on a deep level and have a deep meaning but just sound good and you can enjoy lightly.
  • O: Lou Reed was really good at that.
  • Casablancas: Oh, man. He's the best. When I was probably 19, he was doing a book signing at Barnes & Noble, and we went. He was walking away; we almost missed it. So I just grabbed one of the books- I didn't even know if I had the money to pay for it- just to stop him, you know what I mean? And he was totally weird and awesomely insane.
  • O: "Sangria in the park," man.
  • Casablancas: He's the king.

"I refuse to believe. I refuse to do anything but smoke and pretend to be Nico."

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